Friday, May 23, 2014

Ceiling Medallion

Adding a ceiling medallion for a bit of interest in the living room.

It was very easy to install- used just some window caulk and finish screws.  The piece itself cost less than $100, and is just a nice detail.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Kitchen: Before + After

We aren't planning on using this kitchen very long.  It's currently in the upstairs unit of the two-flat, where we are living now.  Since we don't intend to have a second floor kitchen in the future, this is a quick-fix project.  However, the kitchen was easily the ugliest room in the house, and I couldn't live with it even for 3 months.  The cabinets were worn, with rings of stain eaten away around the handles of the cabinets- the grout between the pastel tile (ugly enough on its own) had oxidized to green at some point, the dark wood cabinets didn't even attempt to match the style of the pastel tile.

Here's the before picture:

And after:

We painted the cabinets with Benjamin Moore "Blue Ice" and added new Martha Stewart drawer handles from Home Depot.  The cabinet door knobs are from Amazon Prime and they were really cheap, $10 for 10.  

Here's the total cost:
Primer: leftover from a previous project, so free
Benjamin Moore "Advance" paint: $52
Martha Stewart drawer handles: $24 for 4
Cabinet knobs: $10.00
Total: $86.00

I love the color of the cabinets- they turned out really nice.  The expensive "Advance" paint that the Benjamin Moore salesman sold me maybe did make the difference, because the paint went on very smoothly.  

It's not my dream kitchen yet (or at all) - if I was going to use it for longer, I would replace the faucet, knock out that cabinet valance, etc.  

However, before I painted these cabinets, all I could think about was the satisfaction I would get from ripping them out and throwing them in the garbage.  Now, I'm thinking about using them in the downstairs laundry room when we do take them out of the upstairs.  It's been a fun little side-project while Ben does much more difficult construction in the front sunroom.