Monday, July 28, 2014

Chimneys! Chimneys everywhere!

Today we discovered a fireplace!  

Well, not exactly, I knew based on the floor patching that one had been there at some point, and then it had been walled in.  I assumed that any remnant of it was walled in at the same time that the chimney had been taken down, but I was wrong!  Our electricians discovered it while wiring the living room sconces, and today Ben decided to tear down the wall so we could see what it looks like!

If you are not as mesmerized as I am by Ben tearing down walls, feel free to skip to 1:20-- I don't know how to edit videos.

Also, we discovered that there is another chimney.  One that I had no idea about!

The dining room on both floors has an arch, which you can kind of see in the picture below.  I always thought someone must have wanted an arch here and imagined that it was hollow.  However, the right hand side, which is against an exterior wall, encases another chimney!  Now we know that our house has a coal room and a coal chute, so of course it would have a coal chimney as well coming from the basement, so it was silly of me not to realize the purpose of the arch.  Now I know!

The brick of the chimney means we have to re-work our master bathroom plans for the eleventh time, but I really do love finding out the historic placement of everything.

And another little piece of history that we found inside the walls today.
It reads "Lathe Carried by Members of the Lathe Carrier's Union of Chicago"

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