Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Choosing Kitchen Hardware

I really like the finish on this sink.  It should also be easy to install and clean because of the sink base.  With the light grey cabinets, I think brass hardware looks warmer.  
It seems like it might be tricky to match perfectly to cabinet hardware, but here are my ideas so far.

Cabinet knobs-- these would go on the all cabinets with doors, except for the very top cabinets.

Matchbox Latches - these would go on the little square, topmost upper cabinets

Drawer Pulls: I am still undecided on these, but I like the shape.  They are similar to the nickel ones that I bought for the upstairs kitchen cabinets, which I like.  But I am not sure they match the finish of the rest of it.  I might order samples of each of these, and take them home and see how they look together in the right light.
There's also these cup pulls [below], but I'm getting just a little tired of seeing cup pulls in kitchens.  These are nicer than the usual because they're a little bit more boxy, but I'm just tired of cup pulls in general.

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