Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Curb Appeal

Our sad little front door had been on my wish list for some time.  However, while we still had a tenant living downstairs, her walker was a little rough on things, so I had to delay my project.  At some point over the years, the door had been painted this sad beigey-fleshy color.  

A brass plate had been installed over the mail slot, the address numbers were crooked, and a big set of apartment mailboxes had been installed on the exterior.  However, in good news, a really lovely lace curtain had been left.  It's quite good quality lace, machine-made so not old, but thick and pretty lace nonetheless.

This weekend, I finally got around to fixing it up!  We bought new brass numbers and a new brass mail slot.

For the paint, I had a certain color in mind, I wanted Farrow and Ball's "Railings" color, which is a fantastic Victorian shade of blue-black.  I was obsessed with it and carried the paint chip, shipped all the way from England, around with me to look at in different lights.  I had loved the color, and the suggestion of the name made me think that it would be perfect for our exterior door (or for a fantastic wrought-iron porch, which I do not have).  I love a good paint name.  

With a little google-searching for this color on different surfaces, I eventually found this photo, which sealed the deal.  I had meant to drive all the way to Merchandise Mart, to the Farrow & Ball store, which is only open while I'm at work, and pick up a quart of the paint at some unknown cost.  Over the weekend, though, I had such energy, and I just wanted to paint it!  I went to Ace Hardware in Evanston, and had the paint chip custom-matched, while the paint counter guy talked to me in a fake English accent.  Almost the same thing, right?

Actually, I was very happy with how well the paint color matched both the paint chip and my vision.  So happy that I went out and bought a new mail slot and new brass numbers!

Now, I just have to call the post office and ask them to take their multi-unit box down, and get some flowers to grow in that poor flowerpot!  It gets intense south-facing sunlight all day long and kills everything.  I'm thinking maybe I'll put fake flowers in there (horrible, I know).   And I need a stone or something for that classical lentil.  I'm trying to pretend it doesn't drive me crazy.

Also, I need to shine up that brass door handle somehow.  It really is a lovely old set, but I have no idea how to take it out - nor do I want to - but I would like it to be a bit shinier [see below picture of un-shiny door handle].  Will research this next....

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