Thursday, July 24, 2014

Decanting Shampoo

Decanting: Either people love it or they think that you're crazy for doing it.  For awhile now, I have been decanting pantry staples into glass containers.  For most pantry items, this makes perfect sense - a large, thin plastic bag of rice is just waiting to spill.  Also, with just two people to feed, we go through food rather slowly, so it really does need an airtight container to keep for months.

With our new house, we got this lovely window in the shower.  It's glass brick so it's private but lets through lovely eastern exposure sunlight in the morning.  We have all this morning sunlight streaming in... onto a mess of mismatched shampoo bottles.  

I decided last week to decant the shampoo into matching bottles.  I ordered amber plastic bottles from SKS, and I designed and printed some black and white labels for them today.  Now everything matches nicely!

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