Sunday, July 20, 2014

Entry Ideas

An important thing that I do, besides paint everything and follow Ben around picking up rubble that is left behind, is decide how everything fits together.

We want to be in keeping with the era of the house, in a non-egregious way.  For example, I'm not dying to replace all the toilets with pull-chain toilets and I might receive a wringer washer for free, but I still wouldn't put it in my house.  However, with permanent architectural features, I find it extremely important to at least give the appearance of 1919.  So you won't see any skylights or anything!

For some reason, I haven't planned the entryway.  I don't know why- it's actually quite important.  I've planned many other things, but not this, so I'll brainstorm here.

I know that I need a demarcation between the stair landing and the entryway.  This can be as simple as a plain white rectangular opening, finished with molding, or it can be more complex.  Since it's the first thing one will see upon entry, I'm leaning towards more complex.

I like the classical, yet boxy detailing around this transom.  This is very much in keeping with the architectural details that currently exist in the house- we have transoms and we have classical details, and the house is very rectangular with its ornamentation.  Since the entry is original dark wood, though, I would have to weave in the white pillars with the wood somehow.  And I can't quite think about how I would do that without it looking like patchwork.  I feel strongly that the pillars should be white if they are that thick and boxy.  It would look like a bank or something if they were dark wood.

Victorian Double Doors:
I love the look of these, even as pocket doors they would be lovely.  I do know that the beautiful etching that was done on these was incredibly harsh with chemicals and it has been illegal for more than 50 years.  It's hard to find nice looking etching outside of a salvage yard.  If I do find perfectly etched pocket doors, I will probably just grab them and install them.

This looks surprisingly good.  I would have to opt for something a little less High Victorian, but I think I could pull it off.  I love the recessed detail on the beam.

Also, I'm in love with this stair runner, to go with the black and white Greek Key marble mosaic by the front door.

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