Saturday, July 26, 2014

Evanston Rebuilding Warehouse

My new favorite place? Salvage warehouses!  I went, expecting a few plasticky sink vanities, some unidentifiable twisted wires, and maybe an unusable clawfoot tub - well, all those things were there, but it was huge and amazing and filled with good finds!  

After a delicious breakfast of pasta tossed in toasted chili oil, yogurt, and fresh herbs, we set out to the salvage warehouse.  Being a traditionalist with a penchant for both classical and Victorian eras, I gravitated towards the marble.  I pretended to be a casual browser, but my brain was in total hoarder mode and it was all I could do not to collapse and sob tears of gratefulness onto a giant, stained slab of public restroom marble.  It was natural stone, and antique!  WITH STORIES!  But I stepped away eventually, marble is a very absorbent stone after all.  When I finally looked up, I met the purpose of my visit, a  marble sink vanity, in great condition, with elaborate beveling and gray streaks running through.  No stains.  It was lovely, and this one I actually felt comfortable touching!  So I held on to it like my inner-hoarder demanded until Ben came to lift it.  

Next we went over to the hardwood flooring.  We have on the lookout for minimal amounts of similar era hardwood to patch flooring problems on the first floor, which has some damage under the radiators that we want to patch.  We found some good flooring at a very good price, and they even offered to hold it for us until we could come back for it with a truck.

I also stumbled across some gorgeous, black-and-white marble basketweave tile that I couldn't resist at $30 for *almost* enough to do one of the bathrooms.  (I'm a horrible person, I know, now I have to track down tile that matches it).  It looks just like this, in fact I think it is the same tile.  I need just 5 or 6 more.  I'm pretty sure that this is the tile.  If it is, I definitely got a deal on it.  I paid $30 for $400 of tile.
I'm done with shopping for the weekend, and back to my weekend to-do list:
  1. Vacuum sawdust from sunroom floor
  2. Prime sunroom
  3. Paint sunroom
  4. Stop storing construction stuff upstairs, move it all downstairs
  5. Organize the pantry
  6. Finish off and seal sunporch floor

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