Thursday, July 3, 2014

Progress Update!

The first floor is our latest project.  We are living on the second floor while we start on the first floor.  In the picture above, you are looking from the current kitchen into the kitchen expansion.  Hello dream kitchen!

I am also in the process of ordering MARTHA STEWART cabinets.  They are a perfect very light gray.  I am buying base cabinets and appliances only to start with, because it's quite the investment.  During the 9-week turnaround for cabinets, we have to complete the following:

1. Replace the loadbearing wall in the picture above with a beam and finish it off.
2. Remove all tile from the walls in the existing kitchen and re-plaster them.
3. Finish removing the vinyl tiles from the hardwood floor (more than halfway done!)
4. Refinish the hardwood floors (hiring someone this time!!)

After that is done, we will be all set to install the cabinets and appliances!

We've removed all the carpet from first floor, and the hardwood floors are in great condition throughout most of the first floor.  But there are some repairs that need to be done which was a surprise.  Upstairs, when we removed the carpet, the floorboards looked TERRIBLE, but underneath all those paint puddles was intact hardwood.  On first floor, the floorboards look immaculate until you get to the wall opposite the bathroom.  The tub must have overflowed at some point, because they are all waterstained and will need to be replaced.  Thankfully, new oak blends with old oak when stained.

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