Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Remodeling with Paint

This week we went to Ravinia, to listen to classical music and picnic on the lawn.  For the past two summers, we had gone on lots of picnics, but this year with our yard and grill, we have been just dining in our own yard.  Since this was our first picnic in awhile, I wanted it to be really, really nice.  
This was the menu:
-Fennel and orange salad, with oil-cured olives and red pepper flakes-
-Bulgur salad with leeks and cranberries-
-Olli Calabrese Salami-
-balsamic Bellavitano cheese, manchego, and Seaside Cheddar-
-cherry preserves-
-baguette and Irish butter-
-Fleur Pinot Grigio, Perrier-
-Plum and Rosewater Tart-

It was so relaxing, except next time I'm packing more blankets.  We had sweaters, but we were still freezing at the end of the concert.  We played cards, listened to the music, and mostly just snacked for hours.

That was on Thursday, all weekend we worked!  My dad came to visit and with his help, I painted everything that was on the painting Wait List.  The room I was most excited to get to was our back sun porch, because it looked like this:
This room is not original to the house- it is essentially a porch with walls added.  Nasty paneled walls, at that.  In the house's past life, this would have been an open porch with an icebox on it.  The iceman could drop in more ice without disturbing the household.  For us, it is just a strange extra space off of the kitchen. We had been using the room for storage while we re-did the upstairs, but now that we had finished, it was Plum's room.  However, since it has an exterior door and was located near the back of the house, we have been entering through it, and it was so depressing!

I decided to just paint everything.  Since this room is pretty much a pass-through room, I didn't want to invest much into it.  I even painted the vinyl tile!  I painted the walls white first, to make the paneling look like cottage beadboard. I started by sanding the floor with a drywall screen, then I applied a de-glossing chemical to take off even more of the sheen.

The deglosser only needs to stay on for 10 minutes, then you can paint.  I started by primering the floor and then I taped out a design.  At this point, my friend Jenny came over and we crafted some bowtie-style ribbon bows for her upcoming wedding.  Then Ben's uncle came to visit from California, and we all ate grilled chicken, baba ghanoush from eggplants we grew in the garden, and cucumber-white bean gazpacho with green grapes.
By 9:00 PM the primer was quite dry, and we had been lazing about under the patio lights for hours, so I went back upstairs to paint.  I rollered the center of the floor and touched up the edges with a paintbrush.  In the morning, this is what it looked like when I peeled up the tape:

It's so much cleaner and brighter!

You can still see the vinyl tile pattern underneath [evidence below] so this is not a perfect fix-all.  Remodeling with paint is the easiest thing ever though, so it was a good and cost-effective solution for this weird little room.

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