Friday, July 18, 2014

Tear down this wall!

So, this is what our pretty little house now looks like on first floor!!  Not so good...

The below picture is looking into our future coat closet, which will have mirrored French doors, since I miss those doors from our old apartment.  Can you believe this house had no coat closet?

In case we look crazy for tearing down these walls, I promise we're not.  We're changing the flow of how the house works.  Since it was two, two-bedroom apartments, the floorplan is a little choppy for a single-family home.  See original floorplan below.  The first and second floor are exactly the same.

Below, see the proposed renovation plan.  Instead of entering into the living room, one would enter into an entry room WITH a coat closet.  Note also, that the kitchen is getting larger with an added Butler's Pantry / Prep Area.  The upstairs kitchen and upstairs living room will be turned into bedrooms, so it will be an even trade.  (Don't worry, I'm not thoughtlessly obliterating bedrooms)

I know what I want for the other archways in the house (very simple, white framed open doorways, as currently exist in other parts of the house)-- but I am debating what I want for the archway between the entry room and the stairs.  Still deciding on that one.

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