Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Boring, Hard Stuff

Although watching Ben tear things apart with his bare hands is really awe-inducing, and despite the fact that the house has all these amazing historic features, there are some things that are just not so amazing about renovating a house that's almost 100 years old.

#1: 95-year-old electricity...  Now of course you know it's NOT up to code.  When we bought it, we were pleased to learn at the inspection that the most expensive wiring on the outside of the house had been replaced very recently.  That's good.  But the whole inside does need to be replaced.  Ugh.  Of course, it's survived 95 years without doing any harm, but might as well tear up everything all at the same time.  Hence, here we are, ripping up our perfectly fine ceilings to replace scary wires.  These wires are so old that they have CERAMIC FUSES.

Here's our ceiling with a giant track of disaster cut into it.

If this were a hand-written letter, it would have a teardrop on it.

Unfortunately, this is the way it is supposed to look.  And every room will have something like it to patch up!!  

Now, there's a really easy way to do wiring that doesn't involve chopping your ceilings to bits.  Super easy: you just take a certain kind of new, flexible wire and tie the end of it to your 1919 wiring, and pull on the old wiring.  The old wiring pulls through your ceilings and walls, and drags the new wiring into the place where it used to be.  Wonderfully simple, right?

Well, it's illegal in Illinois.

The only kind of wiring that's allowed is inflexible- meaning giant holes everywhere and hiring an electrician.

So, there's that.  [Commence escapism, where I scour Craigslist for antiques and make entire Pinterest boards of kitchen cabinet hinges]

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