Thursday, July 17, 2014

Old House Charm

Right now, as my house is very torn up and miserable-looking (at least on the first floor), I am compelled to make a little list of reasons why I love this place, still, despite all the dust, and even though it needs brand new electric (sigh.....)

Reason #1: This lovely, huge, original walk-in pantry with a window!  This is in great condition and has always been one of my favorite rooms.  In fact, when we tore up the upstairs and couldn't go downstairs, I'd sit on top of the built-in drawers and take little naps or eat a snack.

 Reason #2: Real marble mosaic in the front entry-- and only one tile is missing, and that's a black one underneath the door.  Amazing!

 Reason #3: Crystal doorknobs!  This place has loads of them.  They're substantial, and heavy in your hand, and they are just so pretty.

Reason #4: Carved newel posts.  No one makes stuff like this anymore.  It's just so eye-catching.

Reason #5: Tall, airy ceilings- topped with original crown molding.  

I also love the brick exterior, our little yard for gardening, the hardwood floors, our own washing machine (no more quarter hoarding), our parking space, and the fact that it's ours!  I don't have to think about "painting it back" or leaving behind wallpaper.

We are in the thick of some fast-paced, tight-deadline renovation stuff right now.  So, it's very tiring and expensive, but I can't wait to see everything just so, in its place.

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