Monday, August 11, 2014

An Entire Weekend of Putting Up Walls

Ben and I worked straight through the weekend.  It is an unbelievable amount of work to patch all the holes left in the walls from re-doing the electric.  One can see in the video that our walls were a swiss-cheese of holes left from threading stiff metal conduit into the ceilings, switches, and plugs. So, we have to patch all those holes to make our house look like less of a burnt-down shanty.

I cut the drywall pieces- I found that task to be quite easy, same skillset as cutting a pattern to sew a dress.  You measure the hole in the wall, you cut the drywall to fit-- making sure you're measuring from straight edges.

Then you attach the drywall to the studs by sinking screws a little deeper than the surface-- these will all be covered with plaster eventually.

Next you patch the edges of the hole with joint compound, which is like a cement that hardens into place and is just a filler.  The pretty, smooth plaster stuff goes over the top of this.

And, just like that, you've covered one hole!  Now just repeat 400 times and you will be done.  Oh, and did I mention that we are on an incredibly strict deadline and have to have this all done by Wednesday so that the hardwood floor guy can come and refinish the floors because he doesn't have another opening until OCTOBER?

I did find the time this weekend to go to the salvage warehouse while Ben saw a Saturday morning patient, and I bought a toilet!  A used toilet! And I had a hurried appointment at the countertop store to get my measurements in for a quote for some countertops, while I was totally over-caffeinated and covered in plaster joint compound.  So, this weekend was not really the highlight of my life, but it was productive.

In good news, the plumbers finished the all-new copper piping to every single bathroom, including the one that we are currently using, and I just took the best shower of my life to date with the most amazing water pressure rinsing a pound of drywall dust out of my hair. And I ate Farmer's Market raspberries and peaches, which were exceptional.

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