Sunday, August 3, 2014

Found in the Walls - 1940's Newspaper

Now I want to leave something behind in the walls! Ben thought he found a 1919 newspaper, but it's pretty easy to tell from the fashion illustrations that this is a newspaper from between 1940-1950.  The women are still wearing the simple, shoulder-padded dresses that used minimal fabric, so I'm guessing that this newspaper dates to just past WWII.  Once the decade rolled over into 1950, full skirts became popular, as no one cared about fabric rationing.  It would also make sense in a historical context that the building would have been renovated just after WWII to make it attractive for returning soldiers and their newlywed wives.

Like those prices? $39.95 for a 9x12 area rug, $139.95 for a living room suite, and $199 for a "Prima Vera Veneer" Bedroom set.  Actually, a light-colored veneer bedroom set would probably go for that price now, because that sounds awful... That mid-century obsession with "newness"- all light wood and metal, no no no.

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