Thursday, August 14, 2014

Paint Colors

So, it's actually time to start deciding on paint colors.  Doesn't seem like it, but it is.  After we plaster the walls, we can paint them, and it will be easiest to do some before they are refinished -- since a drip here and there will be sanded off during the refinishing.

I didn't realize until today that I honestly haven't done my homework with paint colors.  I started off with what I knew: I loved my MSL240 grey dining room in the apartment, so I would do the dining room that color.  Then I realized that I have chosen that color for the kitchen, and that I have officially 0 other colors picked out.  

I like using this platform for brainstorming [sorry if you actually read it] so I'm just going to free-associate some paint colors here.  

Predominately, I choose Martha Stewart and Farrow+Ball paints.  I like the quality of Benjamin Moore, but their library of colors is too unedited, and I find it confusing to hunt through for the perfect shade of whatever.  Drawing from those paint colors, here are some palettes for the different rooms.

Martha Stewart "Sharkey Grey" and "Tailor's Chalk"

Walk-In Closet:
Martha Stewart "Magnolia Grandiflora" and "Pebble"

Living Room:
Farrow + Ball "Shaded White"

Powder Room:
Farrow+Ball "Stony Ground"

Upstair's Guest Bath:
Martha Stewart "Pebble"

Entryway stairwell:

Benjamin Moore "Linen White"

Master Bedroom:
Benjamin Moore "Elephant Gray" and Martha Stewart "Pink Granite"

Master Bath:
Farrow+Ball Shaded White

I'm looking at tons of neutral colors for the walls.  In my past apartment, the rooms were small, so I did a decorator's trick of creating darker "jewel box" rooms that open into large-feeling white rooms.  In this house, all the rooms are generously-sized, and I guess I like to highlight that with the light colored paint and add color through linens and furnishings.

If there was a room that I would choose to get a wash of color, it would be the entryway foyer.  I'm very fond of wallpaper in entryways, but I haven't seen any that I like well enough yet.

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