Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Progress Report: Walls and Floors

 I haven't been compelled to take many pictures lately, because I think the house is really ugly right now, as we are "patching it up" after the new electric was put in.  Personally, I find it the hardest to look at right now.  Before it was torn up, it was fine, and while it was torn up, it was also fine, because I could see all the great, old-fashioned construction techniques which I think are beautiful in their own way.  But now, as we patch, I am exhausted by the work of it and definitely underwhelmed by the appearance.  This is the part where I have to trust that Ben will make it all look nice in the end.

In good news, the floor guys started today.  They are doing repairs right now on wood that is stained beyond sanding.  This is mainly dark watermarks underneath the radiators from 95 years of occasional leakage.  There are also some broken boards in the swinging doorway threshold between the kitchen and dining room.  In order to preserve the floors as much as possible, the boards are being removed individually and replaced as necessary: staggered in with the original wood.

We have purchased some salvaged floorboards from the salvage warehouse.  Although I don't know exactly how old they are, their appearance is definitely similar in era to our existing floorboards.  Once all the repairs are installed, it will all be sanded down and stained together, and should match really nicely.

Upstairs, things are just as crazy right now: No, we are not treating Ebola in here.  That is the Master Bath under construction.

Here's what it looks like now.  I actually see a lot of potential for this room, with its large windows, walk-in shower, and wood floors.  Needs walls though!

Below are pictures of one of our two functioning rooms- we are down to three usable rooms- a bedroom, a bathroom, and this "living room".

It's actually the front sunroom with all of our best furniture stuffed into it so it doesn't get dusty.  I stenciled the floor awhile ago, but I never posted the pictures on the blog since we had to shove all the furniture in the room the same day I finished.

It just doesn't feel like home until we can re-hang the chandelier and stop living out of one bedroom!

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