Saturday, August 2, 2014

Walk-In Shower Plans

So, our first ever dispute about renovation plans follows:

Ben: I have decided, I definitely want a clawfoot tub in the master bath.
Janelle: But I hate taking showers in a clawfoot tub, and we always take showers!
Ben: I prefer baths.  I will take more baths if we have a better tub.  
Janelle: But you will still shower 90% of the time!!  I want a normal shower!
Ben: Why do you hate showering in a clawfoot tub?
Janelle: I just do! You do too! You said so, two days ago!
Ben: No, I don't think so. Explain it to me.
Janelle: Well, I know you said so, but ... the 360-degree shower curtain sticks to your ankles every time you move, there's nowhere to set anything, I just hate it!
Ben: Why are you, Janelle, denying us luxury?  They look amazing and it will be so relaxing.  I want a bath right now!  Do you really want a horrible square basic tub? How can you be so basic and boring? 
Janelle: I don't know! I don't know! Let me think about it!  Let's have dinner.
Janelle: How about a huge, luxurious, walk-in shower with a rain showerhead and a pressure showerhead?
Ben: Two showerheads?...OK.  You've got a deal.

Since an "Edwardian walk-in shower" is not really anything that ever existed, there is no historic inspiration to pull from.  Really the only thing I am referencing is the gym at Biltmore:

I have a love/hate relationship with subway tile.  I really like it in every historic picture, and I am so sick of seeing it in suburban kitchen backsplashes.  After some research, I've realized that the difference is the color of grout.  White grout wasn't available in the early 20th-century.  I prefer the darker grout, it adds a level of interest to the room, and erases that "shiny" quality of white grout with white tile.

The shower will take a form something like the following picture:

The style of tiling will be done something like this shower below:

And then, to warm up all that white tile, I plan on incorporating some wood elements, like this double-vanity:

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