Sunday, August 3, 2014

What can I find at IKEA?

Since it is Sunday night, and I am bored, currently without projects to do-- I am going to search through IKEA's massive online catalog for 15 things that I would actually put in my house.  Since IKEA is really cheap and I'm feeling like that's all I can afford right now after the massive check I just wrote to the electricians.

1. First, this $5 mirror.  I like the accordion feature.  Mirrors like this always seem fancy-- though for $5, I'm scared it will break in half the first time I use it. Frack, $5.
2. This lamp.  Very simple.  There is nothing wrong with this lamp.  The pull chain is a nice detail. Arstid, $15.
3. A good simple, round mirror.  I would have to see in person if the finish is tolerable, but should be fine, right? Grundtal, $35.
4. Step ladder.  Again, hard to tell what the finish is like on this one.  But I actually need one of these. Bekvam, $40.
5. I actually already have these jars, and I can confirm that the seal is excellent. Korken, $3.49.
6. Wooden flatware tray.  Another thing I actually need, we currently have a plastic one that I cut up so it would fit in the drawer...  IKEA actually has a nice selection of cabinet interior organizers, will remember that. Rationell, $13.
7. Dish towels.  I like this set of 4. Elly, $4 for 4.
8. Magazine storage. Kassett, $5 for 2.
9. This has a nice classic feel to it.  Not sure about size or proportion, if it would be useful, but it would be worth seeing in-store. The toothbrush holder from this set is nice too. Lillholmen, $8.
10. Shelf.  I like the old dental office feel of this cabinet. Fabrikor, $200.
11. Real sheepskin rug.  I do love these, my grandma's house was full of them. Rens, $30.
12. A vintage-style alarm clock for $6. Dekad.
13 + 14. The fabric selection isn't bad at IKEA.  I like these old-fashioned prints.
15. I like the pintucking on this pillow.  It's made from ramie, which is natural and dyeable, but I like the white.

16. A nice work-table for the kitchen. Ingatorp, $129.
17. Perhaps a nice bedspread for the guest room?  I would use it alongside my other linens which all have a lot of embroidery.

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