Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A Sad Mistake and a Happy Mistake

Let me preface: Picking out paint is really difficult.  I had the best of luck in my last apartment, I loved every color I chose.  However, I only painted 3 rooms: the bedroom a restful light blue I had used before "Salt Glaze", the paneling in the dining room was "Sharkey Gray", and the entryway was the murkiest mid-tone green-blue "River Mist".  I worked with grays and blues, only one brand of paint, and always chose the "dirtiest" shade on the color chart.  The murky colors look best on walls, once they're reflecting off of each other.

I launched into paint selection with lots of confidence this time around, since I am apparently so good at it.  I chose this color with so much certainty.  I thought it would be a lovely, oatmealy warm white.  I even painted a little sample patch on the wall before buying the whole can.  And look what happened...

Ugh.  It's so yellow.  It's horrible.  I sat and overate pizza, waiting for it to dry.  I kept saying, "It will get less yellow, I know it."  It got slightly less yellow, what you're seeing in the picture is this morning, the least yellow it will be.  And it's still TOO YELLOW.

I hate it.

I started to think, "Maybe it wasn't mixed properly, after all, I liked the sample!"  So I went down to the basement, and sifted around in the dim light to find it in my bag of samples.

We looked at the paint dollop on the top, and it looked so much less yellow!  I said, "Oh, they must have multiplied out the color ratios wrong! This is the color I wanted!"  So I started frantically painting over the yellow.

Completely different color, right?  Bad color on left, good color on right.

I was so excited that it was their mistake, and I was going to get a brand-new can of perfect, shady, oatmealy aged white with warm tones.  But then I caught a glimpse of the label, which read "Edgecomb Gray"...

Nope, no new can of paint for me.  It was a completely different color that I forgot I had even bought a sample of.  I believe I thought it would work for the hallway.  I still like it though.  I think it's actually a good choice for the living room.

So, here's where I left off this morning, with a cloud of foggy wonderfulness at least partially obscuring that awful yellow.  "Edgecomb Gray" it is, at least until I change my mind again.

And, while I floundered in a sea of all the paint colors, Ben and friends installed the radiators and turned the boiler on.  So we have heat!  It was a cold week.

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