Thursday, September 4, 2014

Cabinets Install: Part 1

It's like Christmas!  The cabinets have arrived and we opened all the boxes last night and put them in the proper place (ish).  We still have lots of leveling to do, filler pieces to put in, and the appliances won't get here until the 5th, but we had such fun unwrapping them last night!
Unwrapping my presents!

The butler's pantry cabinet area (missing some fluted filler pieces that make it fit just so, and the fridge goes to the right of the cabinets)

The stove will fit between the two cabinets on the left, and the dishwasher goes to the side of the farmhouse sink cabinet
They are Martha Stewart cabinets, Turkey Hill style, in Sharkey Gray.  Ben and I were laughing because the side of the box reads "Turkey Shark".

As I wrote before, we're doing bottom cabinets and countertops only for now.  With all the construction we've been doing, we're going to save up for a year to get the top ones.  I hope to get the countertop ordered as soon as we get these installed, so that we can use this kitchen as soon as possible!

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