Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Farrow + Ball Paint Inspiration at the Musée Rodin

One of the most relaxing places I visited in Paris was the Musée Rodin.  It is a former convent school that is surrounded by shady trees and overgrown rosebushes.  The sculptures are displayed both on the interior of the museum and in the gardens, which makes for a wonderful way to spend an afternoon.

We ate a fine spinach and chevré quiche here, with Perrier and a tiny raspberry tart.  Then we wandered through the shade-dappled gardens and into the museum.

Now, I was a good museum-goer up until I entered the house.  I was reading all the signs and placards, and being contemplative, and looking at the sculptures from all angles etc.  But the first thing I noticed inside was that they have excellent taste in chandeliers!  
Does this look familiar?

Then I started noticing all of the similarities between this residence and my own...  OK, selective perception maybe, because I don't have 15-foot tall casement windows or a giant central curving staircase...  BUT I do have almost the same chandelier sconces, lots of light, rather high ceilings, a marble fireplace, and some pretty great Edwardian molding.  And I absolutely loved the paint colors.  
I started whisper-yelling to Ben about how this was definitely Farrow + Ball paint.  And then, because I am socially paralyzed and a menace to society, I pulled out my paint chips (which I carry with me all the time, don't you?) and started comparing them to the museum walls.  I thought about wrapping it in a museum brochure, but one shouldn't put maquillage on a cochon, and I just kept calm and carried on.

However, this was all for naught.  The museum is undergoing a renovation and Ben spotted (by the exit) a sign saying "The paint for this renovation was graciously provided by Farrow + Ball. Please visit our website for details."

So, on their website, is a full list of all the paint colors, so I made a fool of myself for nothing.  I could have spent more time admiring the contours of "A Call to Arms" instead of trying to decide whether the walls were "Blackened #2011" or "Skylight #205".  Oh well, c'est la vie!

Farrow + Ball "Biron Grey"

Farrow + Ball "Blue Grey"
Farrow + Ball "Slipper Satin"

Also, my favorite room was the room done in "Skylight".  This color is listed on the webpage, but neither I nor F+B took a picture of it!  It's lovely.

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