Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Inspiration in Our Paris Apartment

So, I just returned from a marvelous week in Paris.  Paris is such a beautiful city and even though everyone tells you the food is superb and your expectations are high, it beat all my expectations.  We had the most fantastic time.  I just keep flipping through all my pictures, reliving all the loveliness.

Most of Paris is not transposable.  Its 40-foot ceilings, elaborate paneled molding, ceiling murals, marble walls, and most of its luscious fineries belong just where they are.  However, there are some elegant things that are done differently in Paris that would fit well in a standard home.

Here is a quick little tour of the studio apartment we shared in Paris.  It was perfect for the two of us, with its little kitchenette and bathroom.  Paris isn't big on breakfast, so we made poached eggs with bread, butter, and jam in our little kitchenette before we headed out.  We saved quite a bit of money and time making our own iced coffee and breakfast. Then we could spend all that saved money on luscious dinners of foie gras, oysters, duck with raspberry reduction...

I loved this little wall of cabinets to no end.  This is just such a nice fix for lovely storage.  I also have a fondness for closets that go all the way to the ceiling. Put your out of season clothing up there and grab it in six months!  In the USA, people are always building bulkheads to shorten closets or kitchen cabinetry, just leave it alone and fill up the space with more storage!  There is no such thing as too much storage space.

I loved the little tassels hanging from doorknobs.  Such a nice touch.  I had one tassel in my prior apartment, it broke during the move and I need to sew it up again, but once our house stops being dusty, I want more tassels!

I liked all the pretty thick linen curtains in the room.  I have a future guest bedroom happening soon where the former kitchen was, and the curtains might make a nice addition there.

Loved this so-French window!  While I can't have it at my own home, I loved the looped curtain tiebacks that looped over the right-angled wall tieback.

Also, the little kitchen held mother-of-pearl silverware and a little ceramic mustard jar with a matching ceramic spoon!  It was so cute!  I looked for my own mustard jar but couldn't find one.  Maybe at Zara Home or H&M Home.

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