Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The $100 Craigslist Farmhouse Sink

Don't ask me to explain why I wanted a farmhouse apron-front sink.  I don't think anyone that has one knows why they want it - nostalgia?  Visually breaking up that line of cabinets?  ...something.

Before we even closed on the house, I was hunting Craigslist for old farmhouse sinks.  I found a lot of rusted-out scary ones in the $300 range, see standard specimen below.
Dream sink?  No...
In mid-March, I found a Kohler cast-iron farmhouse sink listed for $250.  That seemed too expensive, and we hadn't even closed on the house yet.  I left the listing alone.  In April, we closed on the house, the sink had gone down to $150.  We called, and Ben talked the seller down to $100.  After all, he was a contractor who had gotten the sink for free.  Some new homeowner in Park Ridge was replacing it with a stainless steel sink, because they like stainless steel better, and they gave him a sink worth $1000 for free.  So, he made $100 and he got to get a 200-pound sink out of his basement.

This sink is unbelievably heavy!  It's cast iron coated with porcelain, and it's also almost 3-feet wide.  So, we called our friend Jay over to help Ben carry it out of the basement, where it has been for the past 5 months.  

I should have taken pictures of Ben cutting the hole into the front of the cabinet with a jigsaw, but I was in the other room, covering my eyes and praying, while he sawed into the most expensive cabinet in the kitchen.  As usual, there were no mistakes, Ben did great.

We built some interior supports, just 2x4s attached to the side of the cabinet with liquid nails and deck screws.  I can say "we" because I did sit inside the giant cabinet, holding the 2x4 in place so Ben could screw it in.  

Then, no small effort, we lifted the sink and set it into the supports and slid it back.  Voila!

The countertop installer comes today to measure everything for the countertops to be made.  He will come back in 2 to 3 weeks with countertops that were measured to the thousandth of an inch, and for once we won't have to do anything other than watch while he installs them!

I'm choosing a slight "positive reveal" for the countertop on the undermount sink, meaning about 3/8" of the side of the sink will show. While I like the look of a negative reveal [see below], it's not as clean and it doesn't completely work with the style of my sink.  I like those little legs on the cabinet below though.... Hmmm...  Ben might be using his jigsaw again soon!

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