Monday, October 27, 2014

A Sunny, Productive Weekend

It was a lovely weekend!  Unseasonably warm for late October, and we went out Friday night to our favorite local restaurant, Peckish Pig.  They've just finished their patio, and we sat outside under the heatlamps, and it was the perfect temperature.  It was nice to eat outside again, perhaps for the last time before the winter.

Friday night we put up this marvelous beadboard.  It was already primered, so as Ben put it up, I painted a sheet, and by the time it was all on the wall, I had it mostly painted already!  Teamwork!  We filled in the gaps between panels with wood filler putty (which is really cool, it goes on bright purple and dries white), and then we painted it.  Painting it made it look really finished.  One cannot judge beadboard until it's painted.  Oh, and the carrots were ones I had just picked in the garden.  I was feeling proud of them- look how big they are!  Also, I put up a recipe for my favorite way to prepare carrots: click here.

Saturday was a day of dull chores: Ben did drywall and I did laundry.  Boring, boring, boring.  Ben was drywalling the first floor bathroom, which is in pretty horrible shape.  Holes in the wall from the rewiring and re-plumbing, dust everywhere, brown vinyl tile, lightbulb hanging from the ceiling....  It's been a closed off room, and we've just been keeping the door shut!  

We've got a beautiful sink to go in there and new flooring and paint, so it will come together, but always the boring, dirty, hard stuff first.  But, in the middle of the day, we ordered some Afghan food from Kabul House: little dumplings with cilantro chutney, Kadu steamed pumpkin with onions and yogurt, bread stuffed with leeks and potato, and lamb with caramelized carrots and minted yogurt.  I'd never had Afghan food before -- the pumpkin was my favorite thing we ate. 

Sunday morning, we woke with tons and tons of energy.  I made iced coffee, and also hot chocolate from milk and cocoa powder, and we ate cheese on toasts.  It was another brilliantly sunny day, and before 11:00 am, I had bought outlet covers for all switches and outlets on the first floor, planted daffodil bulbs, given a neighbor a tour of our place, bought supplies for tiling, and dug up and washed a bunch of carrots.

We couldn't help ourselves, and had to start tiling that day.  Neither of us had ever tiled before, but if the people on HGTV could handle it, we were pretty sure we had it covered.

You don't need that much to tile: a pliers-style tile cutter, mortar, and a mortar spreader.  That's it! 

Ben spread the mortar on the wall.

It looked pretty.

Press the tiles into place.  It was easy to make sure they were straight, since they were on a mesh.  I would highly recommend this tile, very easy to work with and the tiles are uniform in texture and just shiny enough.

All done!  There will be molding that matches the molding above the beadboard, and then I will be painting the rest of the wall above the tile, grey I think or maybe a French blue...

Another view, with the stove back in place.  I really need to level that stove - it's so simple, the legs just screw up and down, but I can't seem to get around to it.

And, another view.

Meanwhile, Plum sat in a beam of sunshine all weekend, and napped.

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