Friday, October 17, 2014

New Countertops!

We are very excited to have countertops in our kitchen now.  Ben has been making cappuccinos at home every morning now, drawing little latte art hearts in them...we are really excited.  I've lost track of how many months we went without a kitchen - however long it was, it was too long.  (I can always look back at this later on the blog, but I think the answer is depressing).

The countertop installers came, and complimented Ben on his dishwasher installation, "Seriously, man, I want to give you a high five and you should make a youtube video, because even the pros don't fit dishwashers as well as yours, man."  Well, did we mention it took a whole evening to install that dishwasher?  It was overly complicated because Home Depot ordered us the wrong cabinet panel for the side of the dishwasher, so we had to devise a way for it to work, because I don't know how well their return policy works for custom cabinetry.

So, here's some pictures.  I suppose this is just a preview, because they are terrible pictures.  The lighting in this room is CFLs hanging from wires, so terrible lighting, no paint, no backsplash.  Also, this kitchen usually has so much sun, but we've had nothing but rain for the past week!  So these are terribly lit pictures.  Just awful.  I try to edit, but I'm no good.  The first picture is probably the truest- although the sink is brass!!  I don't know, I'll take better ones with a real light fixture later.

Plans for this room include a backsplash, some paint, an actual light fixture, switchplate covers, baseboard panel for under the cabinets. another shelf above the first one.  And eventually some upper cabinets, but not right now.  We have a free weekend and we're going to be working hard!

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