Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Why is Everything BACKORDERED?

Lately, I have been beset by backorders.  I have 3 lovely things on backorder.

Primarily, these lovely cabinet pulls.  I'm not being lazy about putting on cabinet pulls, believe me, I want them so badly, I'm sick of prying cabinet drawers open with my fingertips!

Also, this lovely light that I've ordered from Rejuvenation...  So the kitchen still has a lightbulb hanging from a string.

AND the tile for the downstairs bathroom, Daltile hexagon tile in "Biscuit" with "Marble" colorway dots.

I hate delays! I want instant gratification!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Seven Month Update

Well, it's (two days past) November 1st, which means it has been SEVEN MONTHS to the day since we signed on the house.  From that first day when we got the keys, we've been putting in a lot of hours of renovation, although we did take some time to just live in the house, too.

What have we done in seven months?  We've refinished two stories of hardwood floors, put in a set of French doors for the upstairs sunroom, we've redone all the plumbing AND all of the electric, framed a master bath, walk-in closet, a new bedroom, a coat closet, expanded the kitchen, and installed all new cabinets.

What do we have left? Rebuilding the downstairs pantry (which was cut up by the prior tenant to accommodate a fridge), lots of painting, tiling and putting in fixtures in the powder room, putting french doors on the coat closet, adding trim to the new doorways, framing in the foyer entryway opening, conditioning the wood on the staircase, building the dining room built-in cabinets, tiling both upstairs bathrooms, installing the new fixtures in both upstairs bathrooms, scraping the painted windows, and putting up some new trim molding in rooms where it had been removed by prior owners.

Looking back, if we had skipped re-doing the electric, we would have been saved months of work.  The holes that were cut in all of the walls could have been avoided, with a significant amount of ensuing plaster.  I don't know if I would have made any other decision if I had advance knowledge of how much new electric slows everything down, but I can say in retrospect that we would be pretty much done by now if we hadn't redone the electric.  Still, modern electric that can handle vacuum cleaners without the lights flickering is an important thing, and I feel safer knowing that it's replaced.

As for what we've done this weekend, the grout is in!  I chose "Delorean Gray", silly color name, but I think it's the perfect midtone gray color.  I'm very happy with it.  We went with pre-mixed grout because I have read that it's hard to get color consistency in the powdered stuff.  Since we were doing a rather large area, I did not want a "tie-dye" effect.  I was very happy with how it went on, and how it dried.  So, for all our other tiling, I will be going with pre-mixed for sure.

Delorean gray pre-mixed grout

Also, take a look at the picture below, do you see that?!  Isn't that awesome?!

Oh, it doesn't look very amazing?  That's because you haven't been nervously reaching into a dark electric box to flip on your light switch.  Yes, I have added SWITCHPLATE COVERS to the walls wherever possible!  Thank goodness, I won't be electrocuted (again).

And climbing the stairs, we have progress on the upstairs.  Lots of framing was finished this weekend.  Here is the master bathroom.

Yes, huge windows, in the bathroom.  We're going to frost them and do something like this, with the mirrors of the double vanity suspended in front of the windows.

And my future walk-in closet.  This is my half (seriously), Ben's half is on the other side.  I'm going from no closet to a gigantic closet!

And the third bedroom, once the second-floor kitchen.  It's all framed in.  After we took the tile down, it had holes in the wall for ages.  Glad that's over with!

And the hallway to the 2nd and 3rd bedrooms is now framed too.  

Plum says hi!
The past seven month certainly haven't been entirely smooth sailing.  There have been quite a few frustrations, several all-nighters, months with only a grill to cook on, and always, there has been a lot of dust.  Oh, the dust is unbelievable!  However, I'm happy I kept a photo diary-of-sorts of my summer on instagram.  When I look back through at our pretty garden, our travels, our cooking, and our sunshine-filled weekends spent together, I think the happy times have outweighed the frustration, and we're still following the dream!