Sunday, December 28, 2014

Master Bedroom and Closet: Finished!

It's been an awful long time since I posted anything, but that's because I'm in perfectionist-mode now.  Before, it was like, "Great! A wall!" but now that things are starting to look complete, it's very bothersome to me when they are not.

However, as a treat to ourselves, Ben and I finished off the master bedroom with a few small purchases and a lot of work.

I did not take a before picture, but just imagine a really dusty, empty room with some tiles and a wifi router stacked in the corner….  So, of course, we started with laboriously cleaning every surface, even the vertical walls.

The biggest purchase was the metal headboard and footboard.  We found this one on Craigslist in Highland Park for an even $100, which sounded good enough to me, so we picked it up, and I spray-painted it white the same night.

I changed up the linens on the bed.  I had a white embroidered Martha Stewart Trousseau duvet cover and some vintage pillowcases that I had purchased earlier.  I bought the pillowcases on a whim when I had no intention of switching to a different palate other than the "Salt Glaze" blue we had in the last two apartments, but now I'm glad I did!  They were only $5 a pair after all.

I saw that the room was coming together in a certain style, with the brass bed, my antique vanity dresser, the old radiators… and I just decided to run with it.  The room feels like it is from an earlier era, what some people with better taste than mine might call unabashedly sentimental, but I am so so happy with it.  I find it to be a very homey room, yet still interesting and beautiful.

Hand-me-down rugs from Ben's grandma, layered.

Garage sale lamp, IKEA alarm clock, on my very first antique store purchase (c. 1998): a vintage vanity dresser.

French doors into the sunroom.

I think these curtains are just too gorgeous.  They're an ebay find.

Antique store mirror, with pretty etching that is illegal to do now.  Etching is never like this anymore, too many chemicals.

And, my wonderful walk-in closet!  I have been doing without a closet for months now, I can't wait to unpack my tubs of clothes and hang everything up finally!

Walk-in closet, view from bedroom.

Chandelier sconce from the ballroom of the hotel where I work (the hotel was remodeled, and they gave me 9 of these, so anytime I need a sconce, it's the cheapest option.  Although it does make me look extraordinarily fancy to have one in my closet….)  The marble-topped table is actually from the hotel as well- I don't know if I'm crazy about it in this room, but it looks OK for now.

Double-hung closet rods, and an IKEA light fixture.

Prettiest radiator in the house!

The master bath is coming along.  The vanity is in place and the faucets are installed.  I love these faucets- I bought them back when I thought I had oodles of money to spend on such things.  Since then, I've thought multiple times about taking them back and getting cheaper ones, but I saved money on the vanity…. so it sort of evens out, and I think they're spectacular in this room.

The shower tile is almost finished.  Still needs to be grouted (black grout), and have the fixtures installed.

This is the door to the master bedroom.  Originally, it was actually the front door of the 2nd floor apartment.  So we have a chain lock and a peephole on our master bedroom door!  I have no intention of changing this, I like that it hints at the history of the house, and it's a beautiful solid wood door.  

I'm really happy with this room, I can't wait to see it after a few months of settling in.  I have some more ideas, and I need to finish up the sunroom, but for now, it's so nice to relax in a normal bedroom!

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