Sunday, January 11, 2015

A Rehabbed Pantry

When we moved in, we got this beautiful pantry upstairs:

Downstairs was a different story…

There were only two shelves, the rest had been pulled out, and the two that were left were hacksawed off at rough angles to accommodate a fridge in the pantry.

So, we had always had plans to replicate the upstairs pantry with new shelves, and today Ben achieved that!

Surprisingly, it only took him a few hours to put in all these shelves, and they look just like upstairs!  He's so talented!

We did do a couple small deviations from the upstairs pantry.  Ben added the triangle-shaped supports under the center of each shelf.  The shelves upstairs are held in only by small rectangles of wood at each end.  It's surprising that they've stayed in place for 70+ years and are so sturdy, but that was old construction and the wood was thicker and better quality than what you can get now.  So we opted for a bit more bracing to prevent any bending or bowing.  

We also are doing a cabinet instead of drawers for the cupboard under the window.  I think a cabinet will be better for holding kitchen appliances and baking trays than a set of drawers.  Ben made the top of the cupboard from two stair treads!  Such a clever idea, as they are extremely thick and sturdy, with a beautifully rounded edge that will make a nice workspace.  The new home of the Kitchenaid mixer! 

It still needs some more paint (I got tired and decided to write this entry instead), and some sunlight, and cupboard doors, some trim around the door, a proper light fixture…. but I can't wait to set up a little baking corner by the window.  

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