Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Antiquing in New Orleans

When we visit New Orleans, I always like to spend a bit of time in the antique stores.  I rarely buy anything, because nothing is a deal.  I appreciate this only because this is a city that loves its antiques.  Antiques are everywhere in both residential and commercial decor, so it's a very lovely and inspiring place to vacation.

Magazine Street has plenty of little antique stores like the ones in the photos above.  It's sort of like New Orlean's version of Chicago's Magnificent Mile, but it goes on for many quieter miles and has no skyscrapers.  Eventually it terminates at Audubon Park along the Mississippi.  

There's lots of nice contemporary boutiques too, and I've bought some nice dresses there on past trips.  However, this is the first time I've bought something substantial from the antique stores!

We stopped by a creeeeepy antique store, with faded anatomy posters and a rusted metal dentist chair in the window.  There were goat skulls and rusted unidentifiable pieces of metal.  We poked around a bit but were going to leave quickly, except someone was blocking the door.  The pathways were very narrow in there, and when the exit was finally clear, I almost tripped over this:

It's a summer cover for a fireplace!  It covers the firebox when you're not using the fireplace (which in our case will be always and forever, since I don't currently have an inclination to spend thousands to rehab the chimney).  The store had 4 of them, so I picked the best one, and paid only half the price I've seen anywhere else.  Surprisingly, a great deal!

The picture below shows what it looks like when installed.  Our mantel looks a lot like the one pictured below as well.  But we are still trying to figure out how to reassemble the tricky thing!

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