Monday, January 19, 2015

Building an Arch

Time to [finally] close off the first-floor entryway!  We've had some sawed-off timbers and a hole in the ceiling since this summer, when we tore out a wall that was in that spot.  Not at all pretty, but it functioned as a hole to walk through, so we did other things first.
The below pictures show a very unfinished arch.  This is all we were able to put up Sunday night.  I thought it was interesting to see how the center of the arch is built up with wire mesh, so that it holds the plaster in place.  

Drywall board and plaster will go over the top of this plywood wall.  Once those are dry, then some trim and corbels.  To get the trim to arch, we will be cutting it into very thin strips that will easily curve.  

Here are some photos that I referenced for inspiration, I like the look of dental molding with acanthus leaf corbels.

This is the corbel that I've picked out:

It's available for $35 at Architectural Depot.

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