Monday, February 16, 2015

Mulford Rowhouse Cleans Up Nicely

We finished up the arches, put away some projects, and cleaned up the place for some friends coming into town.  It was nice to see a preview of how the place will look, but it's going to get messy again before it gets better!

There is absolutely nothing hanging on the walls- no art, no mirrors, nothing.  So everything is quite unfinished, and rather boring looking.

Totally blank walls!  It's weird how much art makes the space look like home.  This has a temporary rental feel right now, haha.
Entryway below.  I did not paint the arch yellow- it's the last layer of drywall which is yellow for some reason.  Can't remember why or what it does.  Needs paint - the whole room does, but it wasn't finished until this weekend.

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