Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Rug Doctor

Lately, we've been on a rug shopping kick.  I've been trying to decide what color / design of rug that I want, and Ben has been on Craigslist hunting for deals on rugs.  There are A LOT of different colors and patterns to choose from, it's a very daunting task, especially considering I've never bought a rug before.  

So, I did some mockups of what the living room would look like with different rugs:

Right away, I was able to determine that I didn't want anything too dark, or too light (middle two pictures), and that I didn't want cool colors (bottom two).  

The top two examples were still in contention, the red rug vs the neutral gold rug.  When I showed Ben and my mom, they both voted enthusiastically for the red rug.  

So we began a hunt in earnest for a red rug.  I wanted some thing more towards the "scarlet" end of the spectrum for red, something with a touch of orange in it.  It's a happier red than blood red or maroon.  

I found these rugs on Ebay, which is actually a pretty good place to shop for rugs, a lot of rug dealers will unload merchandise that's been stuck in their shop for awhile, for cheap prices on Ebay.  At first glance, this rug was perfect.  And it was only $160.00

However, upon closer inspection, it was truly a flatweave rug, with not a bit of plushness to it, which was not ideal for comfort.  Plus, it is on the very edge of acceptable fading, and I didn't like the folksy flowers along the edge.

Then I tried Craigslist.  This lovely rug was just over my price range, but I thought I'd have Ben make an offer anyway.  Ben is a very charming bargainer, whereas I am a terrible bargainer, stricken with guilt and wild panic that shows all over my face.  Ben started his bargaining at half the list price, and the seller accepted so quickly that we wished we had gone even lower!

It is 100% wool, handwoven in Iran, from an old lady's estate.  The seller also had her Hermes scarves, Horchow silverware, handblown Venetian glass, and her Regency-era teabox purchased at Sotheby's (all of it is a fantastic deal, and I wanted to buy it all, good thing we didn't bring any extra cash).

I'm really happy with the geometric design, the happy scarlet tone of the red, the touches of blue -- plus, it's good quality, and made to last.  Ben went to pick it up this morning, the house is now filled with rugs (we bought 3 jute ones for a steal from Lake Forest last week).  Can't wait to set it all up and take some pictures this weekend -- plus the arched entryways are almost done!

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