Monday, March 16, 2015

Art for the Living Room

 For Valentine's Day this year, I gave Ben an original watercolor, done in 1921.  I tried to find one from 1919, but I liked this one best and it's from a similar era as the house.  The frame is new, and I'm not sure that it's the best thing that's ever happened to this watercolor display-wise, but it's what I had around the house. I haven't had the chance to hang it yet - I thought I would put it on the shelf we just put up, but I really don't like it there, so I have another place in mind.

1921 watercolor from Bath, England

It was mailed from Bath, England with this stamp.

The back is almost as good as the front - look at that lovely backing!!

Dated 19th July 1921. Watercolor backing board.

 I also acquired these two little trinkets.  I like how subdued they are on the mantel, and the clock is actually useful.  Clock is from Pottery Barn, because nothing peeves me more than cheap clocks that fail.  Pottery Barn clocks seem to have good gears inside, the other one I have has been running since our wedding!

I tried out Framebridge, they had a promo code for 2 framed Instagram prints for $50 (2INSTA50).  I'm really pleased with the quality of how these came out!  I had one framed of me on a staircase in the Louvre and one of Plum's puppy pictures.  

Framebridge Instagram prints

They came packaged very securely in this box.

They included a handwritten postcard, and a bag with some instructions about how to hang / clean the frame.  They even included a nail!  The frame is good quality and it looks really nice in the room.  Definitely elevates a humble Instagram!

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