Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Guest Bathroom Reveal!

We've finished the guest bathroom!  For such a small room, it was a fair bit of work.

Initially, in the early days, I peeled up a loose linoleum tile and scraped away the gunky adhesive and found white hexagon tiles.  Similar to these:
I was excited because I thought we could save it.  It was a bit of wishful thinking (why would a  landlord cover up perfectly good tile with sticky linoleum?), but I went for it anyway.  After a couple hours of scraping at linoleum and applying acetone to remove old adhesive, I discovered that it wasn't just white hexagon tiles, it was really a pattern of blue "flowers" like this floor has:

Also, it was cracked irreparably, and it was irresponsible to put adhesive linoleum over it anyway.

So, the vinyl was ripped up, the adhesive and cracked floor were leveled with some kind of concrete-like substrate, and I got my pick of tile.  I had gotten some reclaimed gray marble on Craigslist for a steal: $50 for 50 square feet, so we put that down, with oyster gray grout.  Our electrician's friend made a matching marble threshold which matched perfectly! It was also surprisingly inexpensive.
Showing off my pedicure (thank you MIL)
Laying a new floor isn't hard, but it does require removal of all bathroom appliances.  The toilet, sink, and radiator had to go.  We put the toilet and radiator back in when the floor was done (a toilet's a toilet), but the sink vanity was stained and dented. (Not to mention, the $30 Home Depot cheapo version in the first place)

We found this nice vanity at Home Depot - it was a little expensive compared to our usual, but I was still distraught over some things going dreadfully wrong with some salvaged materials (a gorgeous grey marble vanity top had broken in half in the basement, not that I had a base in mind for it).
I found the faucet for under $100 on Amazon, so I was able to get a bargain on that.  And I love it, it's perfect.

I completed the bathroom with some new Turkish linens and it looks great after its mini makeover!

Here's a quick "Before and After":

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