Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Turning a Secretary Desk into a Bar

About the same time we moved in to the house (May 2014), I was very passionate about finding antiques from the 1910s or 20s that would fit in with the style of the house.  I bought several things, one of which was an antique four-legged secretary desk that I estimated (based on Craigslist pictures) to be from the 1920s.  The conversation to purchase it went something like this: 
(i.e. How Not To Sell An Item on Craigslist)
Janelle: Hello, I'm calling about the secretary desk. What can you tell me about it?
Seller: Well, it's antique.  And it has one of the legs sawed off.
Janelle: What? That wasn't in the ad?
Seller: Yeah, we sawed one of the legs off.  You'd have to glue it back on.
Janelle: Is it a clean break?
Seller: No...
Janelle: Well, in light of that, would you take less money for it? $100?
Seller: No, price is non-negotiable.  $200.
Janelle: Alright, well, you have my number.  Give me a call in a couple of weeks when no one else wants it.
[Two weeks later]
Seller: Hello, are you still interested in the secretary cabinet?
Janelle: $75
Seller: OK, but are you sure? We're going to donate the money to the swim team....
Janelle: $75

So, two highly-technical applications of wood glue later, I was the owner of a 1920s secretary cabinet.  (The style of the metal hardware inside and the furniture company markings confirmed my assumptions about the era of the piece).  I had planned to put books inside, but as I already have two other shelves full of books, I couldn't think what to store inside the cabinet.  Meanwhile, all of our of liquor was very inconveniently stored in the basement or kitchen cabinets or the linen closet.  In the past apartment, I had laid out a bar on a midcentury record cabinet which didn't fit with the layout of our new house.

It all made sense though when I saw this picture:

It makes great sense from a liquor storage standpoint (dark, cool, dry environment) and gives me storage for all my miscellaneous stemware that can take up a lot of kitchen cabinet space.

I used the desk part as extra storage as well.   

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