Monday, October 19, 2015

Upstairs Foyer

We painted it Benjamin Moore "Shoreline" (#1471) just like the stairs.  The room is open to the stairs, and I'm obsessed with this clean pretty color that makes all the white woodwork pop without forfeiting a feeling of "whiteness".  See? It still reads to the eye like a white room!

I hung some Ikea curtains.  They're not perfect, but at least they're long enough.  Standard 84" curtains do not cut it in this house.  I need at least 96" sometimes 108".  I like that Ikea sells curtains of different lengths for a cheap price.

The room is primarily a thoroughfare, but I put a daybed there so that it can serve as an emergency 4th bedroom if need be.  Right now, I just like to read out there with the windows open on warm days.  It's so light and airy!

The scalloped-edge jacquard-quilted bedding cost me a whole $2 at the St Nick's Rummage Sale in Evanston.  It's truly a spectular event.  The lady next to me got there first and had her arms full of gorgeous heirloom quality embroidered queen-size duvet covers.  I was disappointed a little, but I found what I needed. Plus, I had gone to the furniture room first and beat everyone to a carved walnut slim-profile Victorian dresser with a marble top.  Very pleased with that purchase.  That sale is like Black Friday for antique-ers.  You have to move quickly! 


  1. Hi there!! Great job on the renovation!! Does your paint color, Shoreline, have a cooler or warmer undertone? I'm thinking about painting this in our main halls and lower level this color. Would love your input!

  2. I would say Shoreline has a very slight warm undertone. I am pairing it with warm greys which I have used throughout the house with much success. However it is the most neutral of the palette of warm greys I used. In my opinion, this color would be lovely on a large scale, like your entire lower level. Thank you for your comment!