Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Nightshade-Free Recipes

Sweet potatoes with bourbon and maple
butternut squash ribbons with arugula and hazelnut
Peppercorn roasted turkey with vermouth pan sauce
mustard kale salad with sweet potato
roast beef with horseradish
homemade chicken soup
chicken marbella with kumquats
blackberry-balsamic chicken
kale and sausage hand pies
moroccan wild rice butternut squash salad
chickpea pancackes with smoky roasted carrots
pumpkin creme fraiche spaghetti with fried onions and sage leaves
chicken meatballs with lemon and kale
cranberry walnut chickpea salad sandwich
vinegar braised chicken and onions
sweet, crispy chicken better than takeout
braised lamb with roasted squash and onion sauce
chicken with shallots prunes and armagnac
kale and mushrooms with creamy polenta
braised kale and turnips with smoked turkey
pumpkin and lentils with goat cheese
tahini cauliflower soup
winter soba
braised fennel and white beans
chicken and onion tagine
baked lemon and thyme mushrooms
duck breast with garam masala and grapes
choucroute soup
bo ssam
chicken and walnut stew
pumpkin stuffed with everything good
chicken apples and cream a la normande
duck breast with red wine sauce and candied kumquats
smoked whitefish brandade
beggars lingeuine
roasted squash and onions with yogurt
pumpkin chili
chicken with date and cilantro relish
coq au riesling
st tropez chicken with lavender and honey
chicken and pumpkin with soy and star anise
sweet potatoes with stilton and walnuts
kale rice bowl
sesame kale and kraut bowl
red lentil and sweet potato hummus
farro white bean and preserved lemon salad
squash and soba noodle soup
coconut lime chicken noodle soup
lentils with avocado and hummus
soba with salmon and asparagus
tangled thai salad
celeriac with mint and lentils
grape leaves
gomashio rice cakes with oyster mushrooms and cilantro chutney
roasted japanese sweet potatoes with miso spinach
pumpkin with white beans and sausage
chickpea kofta with yogurt soup
lentils with wine glazed vegetables
sweet potato black bean kale skillet
japanese chicken meatballs