Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Nori Wrap with Quick Fermented Sea Vegetables

Nori Wrap with Quick Fermented Sea Vegetables
-1 24-oz jar sauerkraut
-1 carrot
-2 green onions
-2 Tbsp hijiki seaweed
-1 tsp sesame oil
-1 Tbsp rice vinegar
-2 sheets roasted nori
-1 avocado
-2 umeboshi (Japanese salt-pickled plums), chopped - or- umeboshi paste to taste

1. Remove half the sauerkraut from the jar and save to use in a different recipe.
2. Add the hijiki seaweed and 2 Tbsp hot water to a small bowl, allow to soak.
3. Run the carrot through a spiralizer, or use a vegetable peeler to get shredded carrots.
4. Finely dice the green onions.
5. Hijiki seaweed should be reconstituted by now.  Add carrot, green onions, hijiki seaweed, sesame oil, and rice vinegar to sauerkraut jar.  Shake to incorporate or stir with a clean spoon.
6. Slice the avocado and put half of the slices on each nori sheet.
7. Spread umeboshi paste or sprinkle umeboshi pieces, if using, onto nori and avocado.
8. Top avocado slices with a drained spoonful of sea vegetables, roll up like a taco, and enjoy. Temaki-style!

These quick-fermented sea vegetables would make a fine nightshade-free kimchi.

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